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13 Top Rated Boho Shower Curtains on Amazon

Sometimes you just want a change of scenery and a vacation is not always possible. 

But now you don’t have to leave home to have a change of scenery. You can just change your bathroom and make it your escape room when you need to relax. 


And there’s no better way to do that then to change your shower curtain. 

Since boho shower curtains are all the rage now, according to HGTV, we have rounded up some of our favorite and top rated boho shower curtains on Amazon.

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2. $29.95 Ambesonne Egyptian Boho Hamsa Hand Pattern with Amulet Eye Design Bridal Decor Henna Night

3. $19.90 Ambesonne Navy and Teal Shower Curtain, Ombre Mandala Old Ethnic Art with Mehndi Style Effects Kitsch Boho Print

4. $29.95 Mandala Decor Shower Curtain by Ambesonne, Retro East Back with Swirled Ethnic Harmonic Cosmic Lotus Yoga Boho Artwork

5. $19.99 Seavish Fabric Shower Curtain, Light Blue Damask Motif Boho Cloth Shower Curtain

6. $23.99 Lush Decor Clara Shower Curtain - Fabric Colorful Boho Paisley Damask Print Design

7. $19.90 Ambesonne Ethnic Shower Curtain, Boho Style Mandala Figures Festive Colorful Spring Garden Themed Old Fashioned Tile

8. $16.99 Riyidecor Boho Paisley Shower Curtain Panel

9. $19.98 BROSHAN Mandala Shower Curtain Blue,Watercolor Paisley Flower Boho Tribe Floral Modern Ombre Art Printed

10. $17.35 Blue Pink Green Boho Fabric Shower Curtain

11. $25.99 Emvency Shower Curtain Black Abstract Watercolor Boho Skull with Feathers Flowers American Ancient

12. $19.90 Ambesonne Ethnic Shower Curtain, Mystic Asian Mandala Zen Culture Chakra Karma Calmness and Harmony Icon Boho Design

13. $16.49 Lush Decor Bohemian Striped Shower Curtain

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