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21 Awesome Halloween Shower Curtains To Spook Up Your Bathroom Decor

Halloween Shower Curtains

There is a shower curtain design for anything you can think of. Even the spooktacular holiday Halloween. Here are 21 Awesome Halloween Shower Curtains to spook up your bathroom decor.

We have put these shower curtains into two categories.

The 1st category is: Whimsical  Halloween Shower Curtains
These shower curtains aren’t meant to scare you or creep you out.
They are merely decor to liven up your bathroom with Halloween Cheer.

The 2nd category is: Scary Halloween Shower Curtains
These shower curtains are meant to scare you and creep you out. They will surely give you a scare if you forget it’s a shower curtain. If you are looking for a good Halloween scare, then these are the Halloween Shower Curtains for you.

Halloween Shower Curtain

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One Pumpkin, Two Pumpkins, Three…Are Coming To Your House For Trick or Treat.

pumpkin heads and a crow, set your bathroom all aglow. For if it’s horror that you seek, we shall accommodate easily.

Scary killers in one place. Huddled together with a smiling face. Freddy, Jason, and Michael too, have come together to get a good scare out of you.

It’s a nightmare before christmas oh to be sure. Through many halloweens these lovebirds have endured. It’s scary to think. What could be. If Sally and Jack’s love stops blossoming.  Oh halloween won’t you be kind and do not break this heart of mine.

I can not stay in this house. If this flying witch won’t get out. Haunts me day and night she does. Won’t give me rest. won’t give me none. I’m sick I tell ya. Gonna leave this scene. And finally have me a peaceful halloween.

In a gothic forest in the night, giving myself such a fright, with cats a prowling and bats flying over head, I wish I was safely at home in my bed.  

It’s a full moon in the ghost woods tonight. Though scary still a majestic sight. The bats are out and the pumpkin is alight. Yes, all is ready for Halloween night.

Oh what a web we weave when we are trying to deceive. By day it sleeps and at night it awakens to feed. Sexy those red lips seem until their true meaning is seen. To make you a captive this Halloween.

Weee..look at me flying on my broom at a high speed. My baby kitten at my side, this is my time to shine. But I’m not just a pretty face, I will also haunt your place.

As you walk through these gates, do you wonder what awaits? The pumpkins have all come to greet you. but to you what will they do?

Scary Halloween Shower Curtains

Help me, help me please. Don’t leave me here to bleed. 

Who’s the ghost behind the curtain? Is he friendly or mean? How will I know for certain? I guess it’s only one way to find out…one, two, three….Scream

I like clowns but this one seems mean. What horrors could he have in store for me? I don’t think this circus I will attend for my life I’m not ready to see come to an end.

Is that a zombie that I see, come to take my brains from me?

How To Make Spooky Halloween Window Projections Using A Shower Curtain

Mystical creature of the night, why do you seek to give me a fright? 

You devil creeping out the ground. spreading your evil all around. we’ll stop you with something great. for only love can conquer hate.

I can hear your scream. i can hear your roar. but they are too loud. So i am going to close the door. 

Zombie woman after me. nowhere to run. nowhere to flee. Frightened and alone in the night.
I turn around and peer into cold, dead eyes.

Hello scary clown, are you new in town? What pointy teeth and piercing eyes. Piercing enough to mesmerize. What dastardly deeds would you have me do? I just might do them to be rid of you.

Bloody woman, who did this to thee? Send them to me. Did they crack you on your head?
Is that what made your skin turn crimson red?

That haunted look upon your face. tells me that this is a place. where you do not wish to be. How can I help your soul be at ease?

Did any of these shower curtains scare you? If so, which one scared you the most?

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