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DIY How To Make A Shower Curtain

DIY How To Make A Shower Curtain

Sometimes no matter how hard you search, you just can’t find the perfect shower curtain. Either the color scheme isn’t right, the size is off, or it just doesn’t make you happy. In cases like these, the only option and sometimes the best is to diy your shower curtain. Here are some great resources for how to make a shower curtain. 

how to make a shower curtain

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If you can’t find the perfect look or size for your shower curtain, why not make your own? You can use just about any fabric for shower curtains but outdoor fabric works particularly well because it’s mold and mildew resistant, perfect for damp places like bathrooms.

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Do you wish your bathroom had a little more personality? The quickest way to give a bathroom a style makeover is to change out the shower curtain. However, sometimes it’s hard to find a shower curtain we love, and if we do, they can be way too expensive.

If the shower curtains at local department stores are lacking in personality, consider a DIY shower curtain instead. We’ve gathered some beautiful shower curtain ideas that beginners and experts alike can tackle in a day or a weekend.

Let these tutorials serve to inspire you and teach you how to add personal style to your bathroom. 

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DIY - How To Make No Sew Shower Curtain

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I love colorful shower curtains, but I always have a hard time finding ready-made shower curtains that I like. So I always opt for a DIY shower curtain for my bathrooms. They’re not difficult to make at all, and they really lend a custom look to the bathroom. And I finally got the one for the hallway bathroom makeover made! I think the bright watercolor floral fabric adds so much color and life to my previously blah bathroom (which isn’t finished yet…obviously)…

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DIY - How To Paint A Design On Your Shower Curtain

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Have you ever thought about stenciling your shower curtain?
Here’s a neat video about how to do it. 

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Changing your shower curtain just might be one of the fastest ways to spruce up your bathroom. But finding one in a fabric to match your décor can be tough which is why I like to make my own shower curtains. And believe it or not, it’s a relatively simple process. Here’s how.

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