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Happy World Bicycle Day

Happy World Bicycle Day!

This day was originated by Professor Leszek Sibilski, who lives in the United States, to promote health and the unity of people.

It was adopted as an official holiday in 2018. 

To commemorate such a noble cause we have put together a collection of bicycle inspired shower curtains in a short video that you can watch below. 

We bet you didn’t know that shower curtains could so affectionately capture your passions. 

All of the shower curtains featured in the video are available for purchase below.

 1) $29.95 Ambesonne Bicycle Decor Collection, Inspirational Cycling Picture with World Map Reflection Motivational Sports

 2) $24.90 Ambesonne Bicycle Decor Shower Curtain Set, Flying Birds and Flowers on Old Single Wheel Bicycles Happiness and Joy Pedals 

 3) $24.90 Ambesonne Sketchy Shower Curtain, Vintage Retro Bicycle Bike Hand Drawn Vector Abstract Design Image Artwork

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