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How to Decorate Your Bathroom With Just a Shower Curtain

Different styles of shower curtains and the effect they have on bathroom decor


Want to redecorate your bathroom but have no idea where to start?


Interior Design 4  reminds us that, more often than not, a shower curtain can dramatically change the dynamics of your bathroom . Whether you install one that aptly matches your bathroom’s colors or go for a more offbeat choice, it’s the quickest and easiest way to enhance charm and beauty of the whole setting. […]


Here’s a few of our favorites to add that special touch to your bathroom. 

This shower curtain is so beautiful and colorful that it will liven up even the dullest bathroom. 
Pro Tip: These can even be used as window curtains.

This shower curtain pattern is  fun and decorative and will inspire all kinds of decorating ideas. 

This shower curtain is a #1 new release on Amazon and has been getting rave reviews.
One customer commented that it’s a “great, inexpensive bathroom makeover”. 

Bathroom Decorating Ideas With a Shower Curtain

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