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How To Use Organizers For Bathroom Drawers And Finally Get The Organized Bathroom Of Your Dreams

how to use organizers for your bathroom drawers

Imagine walking into your bathroom, opening your drawers and seeing everything neatly organized. How would that make you feel? How would that impact your morning routine? This can be a reality, simply by incorporating organizers for your bathroom drawers, you can finally have the organized bathroom of your dreams. 

Knick knacks, thingamabobs, and whatnots have a way of getting on your nerves when they are scattered all over the bathroom. But you can put an end to all that madness and stress. You just need to commit to decluttering and organizing your bathroom. Using bathroom drawer organizers is a great way to start. It’s how I organized my bathroom and now I feel so stress-free when getting the kids and myself ready for our day. 

There are a variety of organizers you can use in your bathroom that will fit your style and personality, from bamboo to plastic. 

Bathroom Organization Drawers

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The type of organizer you choose for your bathroom drawers determines how tidy things are kept. You’ll need something that accommodates all your products and toiletries without the normal everyday hassle. 

Plastic Containers For Bathroom Drawer Organization

Plastic containers are great storage options and can hold many products all at once in different little compartments. They can hold toiletries,  washcloths, hair products and more. They come in a variety of sizes which makes them a great option for all size bathroom drawers. And they’re so versatile that plastic containers can also be used as on the counter storage.  


  • Cool nesting capabilities 
  • Very clear and transparent 
  • Multiple functions
  • Customizable
  • Easy to clean 


  • Prone to chips

Plastic container products to consider buying:

Bamboo Organizers For Bathroom Drawers

As far as bathroom drawer organizers go, bamboo containers are my favorite type of organizer. They are sturdy, all-natural, and they hold up well when wet. Most come with adjustable compartments. This means that you can customize your organizer to fit your space.


  • Shallow depth 
  • Multipurpose 
  • Compartment sizes
  • Adjustable 
  • Expandable 


  • Some dividers can’t be shifted/moved
  • Color verification 

Bamboo container products to consider buying:

Non-Woven Fabric Bathroom Drawer Organizers

The non-woven organizer is gentle on clothes and other similar items. It is machine washable making it super easy to keep clean and looking fresh and new. I mainly use these types of organizers for my clothing drawers but they can easily work in the bathroom as well. (I use these in my kitchen too).


  • Flexible fabric 
  • Open cubby style helps easy access 
  • Adjustable 
  • Easy to install 
  • Long-lasting 


  • Poor durability

Non-woven fabric container products to consider buying:

Organizers For Bathroom Drawers

How To Organize Bathroom Drawers

So you’ve decided on the best organizers for your bathroom drawers. Now the question remains, how to organize your bathroom drawers? Don’t worry in this section we provide you with great resources for how to organize and keep your bathroom drawers organized for years to come. 

1. Mini Storage Containers Are Handy

One great tip from 8 Brilliant Ways To Organize Bathroom Drawers is to use mini storage containers. They fit perfectly and can take the strain of holding a lot of items and keep them ready when you need them. 

2. Take Advantage Of Deeper Storage Bathroom Drawers

Bathroom drawer organizers come in many shapes and different sizes. The big organizers can be useful for those bigger bathroom items like your hairdryer and curling irons. In the blog post 6 cheap and easy bathroom drawer hacks to stay organized, there is a section that talks specifically about how to get the most storage out of your bigger drawers. 

3. Create DIY Dividers For Your Bathroom Drawers

Thanks to the Internet, you can go to YouTube and other platforms that showcase videos to help you DIY at no extra cost. 

That’s why we provided a great video on how to make dividers. This option allows you to be the most creative. 

So if you have the time and the love of DIY make sure to watch the video below. 

4. Use Magnets To Keep Bobby Pins In Place

Having bobby pins around will not only clutter your bathroom drawers but to be honest they are just a nuisance. I hate seeing them scattered all over the place, getting sucked into the vacuum cleaner and not being able to find a single one when I need it.

In the blog post, Bobby Pin Storage – 31 days of Organizing and Cleaning Hacks, suggests using magnetic strips by placing them in your medicine cabinet and attaching the bobby pins. 

If you don’t have medicine cabinet stick the strip on your cabinet door or the inside wall.

5. Use That Space Under The Sink

If you’ve ever frowned at the space under your sink, you’re not alone. This space is prime real estate space. You just can’t see the forest from the trees. But this is where organizers can do their best work. 

In the blog post, Under Bathroom Sink Organization Ideas, one way to make sure you maximize the storage in this space is to take measurements before buying any containers. This way you will be sure to buy the correct size containers. 

6. Use The Sides Of Your Bathroom Drawer


Every space can be used for storage. Even the wall inside your drawers or under your sink.

Here’s a nifty idea, (especially for the DIYers) make pockets to hang small objects in so, they don’t get lost.

Watch the video below to learn how.

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7. Use Dollar Store Containers

This is a budget-friendly way to have your bathroom drawers organized. The dollar store has containers with multiple sizes to hold any item or equipment you have. 

8. Use Acrylic Containers

Sometimes all you need is something you can clean without stress, that comes in many shapes and doesn’t cost as much. Acrylic organizers are popular for many reasons and your bathroom items can benefit from their usefulness. 

Final Thoughts

Organizers for bathroom drawers are necessary because they help to organize your bathroom. And with an organized bathroom comes sanity and a stress-free morning routine. 

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